Social Commerce

The power of social media today knows no bounds. It presents the chance to engage with existing and new potential customers, boost brand awareness, and help you reach your business goals.  

This engagement can also lead directly to purchasing opportunities and sales. Facebook Shopsshoppable product pins available in Pinterest and shoppable Instagram feeds are just three examples of social media platforms making it possible for people to buy directly from their social feeds. And TikTok is now joining this trend as well with their new TikTok Shop features available for merchants.

This is social commerce. With different commerce features available on the various platforms that dominate social media today, having a social commerce agency at your side can help you take things to exciting new levels. By integrating your product feed and using your social media channels to drive more sales, you have the chance to achieve higher levels of revenue. 

Williams Commerce can move things forward for you with social commerce. Building on our outstanding ecommerce expertise, we can help you make the most of your social shopping capabilities and drive additional revenue as an online retailer through social commerce.  

Social commerce
Social Ecommerce

Why embrace social commerce?  

Negotiating social media can be challenging because it is such a changing, dynamic industry.  

Think about it. When you first used Facebook or another of the earlier social media channels, they were fairly simplistic compared to what is out there now. 

The goal posts are always shifting on social, but social commerce presents the chance to capitalise on the buying power of micro moments experienced by users. 

Make the journey from seeing something appealing on social media to owning that product as simple as possible for your customers with social commerce. 


Our Social Commerce Expertise

As a social commerce agency, Williams Commerce can provide support across a number of different platforms. We can help tailor your social commerce plans around what works best for you and your business.  

Facebook Shop

Your Facebook shop can be customised, and you can choose your own fonts, colours and imagery. You can even import an existing catalogue of products from your website. You can also connect with customers through other Facebook platforms and use WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram to answer questions and offer support.

Instagram Shop

 Instagram is perfect for anybody who loves visuals, with beautiful photos a distinct characteristic of this platform. It is now possible to sell products directly via Instagram, and this is a great option for anybody with a product range oozing with visual appeal. To sell via Instagram, you will need a Facebook Shop to allow your Instagram Shop to pull data from your Facebook catalogue.


This is another visually-compelling social media platform, and buyable pins have been available since 2015. This is a strong social commerce channel particularly for brands in the fashion, beauty and home decor sectors.

Conversational Commerce

Not so much a platform but a method of interacting with customers, conversational commerce can be a successful approach for brands thanks to automated social commerce chatbots. There are plenty of messenger apps, such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages, which make this feasible for retailers.

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