Affiliate Marketing

Achieve more online sales through affilate marketing

Affiliate marketing is about growing audiences among groups of users already interested in your product sector, and building the key relationships with the right publishers that can help you reach the highest quality leads for engagement with your brand or product sales.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Traditional digital advertising, like Paid Social (think Meta Ads or Pinterest Ads) or Paid Search (Google Ads and Microsoft Ads), can make you “pay per click” (or impressions), meaning that each user that sees your ads or arrives on your site via these channels will cost you some of your advertising spend. With affiliate marketing, it’s a little bit different: you pay a percentage of your sales as commission to the publishers who bring users to your site that have converted. 

  • Affiliate Marketing Advantage 1: You only pay for users once a sale is achieved. 
  • Affiliate Marketing Advantage 2: You don’t have to do the legwork of building up detailed targeting structures because the publishers are out there working on your behalf. 

“Affiliate” and “publisher” are interchangeable terms for the partners that carry active links back to your site and products. They receive a commission for the traffic they send you which converts. Williams Commerce works with the best tools to find and vet appropriate affiliates for your business.  

These industry-leading platforms allow us to both take on “in-bound affiliates”—partners that apply to us to represent your products—as well as reach “outbound affiliates” like influencers, vloggers, cashback or discount code websites, video creators and other sector heavyweights that we will approach for you. We also do the work necessary to make sure all affiliates are relevant for your brand. 

We work with a range of affiliate platforms because we know that every brand is different, and the bespoke affiliate campaign we build for you shouldn’t be constrained by any exclusive platform partnerships we hold. 

We do make sure that any affiliate platform we work with have excellent fraud prevention, so suspect affiliates are filtered out before they ever become an issue. 

Affiliate Marketing

What We Do For You ​

We believe in responding to our clients with custom work, not impersonal templates. That’s why we always customize our affiliate marketing strategy to the needs of your business.

We kick off all our affiliates marketing work with a complete strategy that lays out everything we will do for you, including a six or twelve-month overall plan

We will initiate key parts of our strategy on an ongoing basis such as regular promotions and 'communications blasts' to ensure fresh traffic is always being funneled to your site

We act as a broker between you and the affiliates to provide them with the latest assets and relevant information so there’s no lag in campaign look and feel, helping maximize traffic

We are constantly scouring the internet for relevant and powerful influencers that we work to bring on your side as outbound affiliates

We provide detailed reporting in a user-friendly dashboard, giving you a 360-degree view of performance across all metrics, date ranges and affiliates and helping pinpoint issues before they grow

Why Us?

Why Us?

Our affiliate team has an excellent track record of helping businesses grow, and we mind your bottom line. If we are not hitting your goals, then there is no need to keep us around. 

If you choose to work with us, you will get:

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