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Williams Commerce is an award-winning ecommerce agency that has been helping businesses pivot to direct-to-consumer (D2C) models and associated hybrids for many years. We have experience working across multiple platforms, including Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce and Shopify. This knowledge and experience helps us make sure the addition of a D2C revenue stream is backed up by solid technology fundamentals.

D2C ecommerce

Our D2C expertise can help bring numerous benefits to your ecommerce website:

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D2C Ecommerce is a Revolutionary Approach

D2C (direct-to-consumer) ecommerce is a revolutionary approach to sales that allows manufacturers to sell directly to consumers without going through the traditional added layers of distribution or retailers. While it represents a new bundle of fulfillment strategy for the manufacturer to adopt, it can also mean access to a rich vein of revenue that has great appeal to end users.
D2C Ecommerce is a Revolutionary Approach
Why D2C?

Why D2C?

The advantages to D2C ecommerce are numerous, though it will always depend on the sector and products in question. Some manufacturers like it because it allows them to have more control over their product sales cycle end-to-end, while others appreciate how close they can get to their ultimate customers, which in turn allows them to better incorporate innovation based on real-time feedback. Accurate and synchronised inventory, always a crucial factor in any ecommerce venture, can often be assisted with D2C aspects.

Taking on the task of selling direct can be daunting for a lot of manufacturers. There is a need to consider if they have the internal resources for omni-channel marketing, customer research and the creation and maintenance of a distribution chain. Will D2C affect your warehousing, returns handling or packaging considerations? There is also the consideration of your existing reseller arrangements, and if and how you will work with them, not against them. Breaking down selling strategies into regional variants is one approach, scaling prices to full retail cost is another that helps avoid direct competition.

Overall the substantial benefits of selling direct can include:

Work with consumers

Get the unfiltered feedback you need on product innovation while building your own marketing functionality

Branding is everything

Your branding can never go astray when you’re handling every stage of product marketing and order fulfillment

The world is yours

Use regional selling strategies to maintain equilibrium with your retailers while concentrating on penetration globally

Save your pennies

Eliminate wasteful overhead for both you and your customers by “cutting out the middleman”

Up the product

Offer an even greater range of your products without any limitation from suppliers’ preferences

Grow the bottom line

Without the drag of offsetting cost for the margins of your retailers, you’re free to create responsive pricing and increase revenue

Enjoy omni-channel marketing

Now that you control every aspect of the product cycle, you have the opportunity to sell to a broader audience and increase traffic and revenue opportunities

Grow your site

Your team can concentrate on improving the sales experience of your customers, working to offer a better mobile experience, discounts and subscriptions

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