With advancements in both Mobile and Cloud computing, a huge change is sweeping across the industry as to the way products and services are presented and marketed to customers. Social Commerce Ventures has developed the first of its kind, Social Commerce as a Service platform to address an untapped opportunity leveraging the social networking industry. Social Commerce Ventures has developed a platform flexible enough for any industry, giving our clients the solutions they need to adapt quickly, transform their business and truly succeed in growing their business.

Social Commerce as service platform connects businesses with their customers in a whole new way. It makes their experience relevant, engaging and personal. You, the business, know your industry and know your service and your customers, Social Commerce Ventures is helping you reach beyond the known horizons and explore new avenues by unleashing the power of social media in the true sense of the term.

Financial Services

Customers interact differently with their financial institution these days vs. years past. They now expect to be rewarded for their loyalty.

This is where Social Commerce Ventures comes into the picture. Social Commerce Ventures takes the existing social networking sites and turns them into a true sales channel for every financial institution. When your customer shares with their friends or family the great service or products they obtain from the financial institution, their rewarded with cash back, recognition, or special offers that can be attached to their credit cards supported by the financial institution. Long past are the days of spending $100.00’s of dollars in acquiring a new customer. Reward your existing customers for bringing their contacts to you.


New technologies and developments are giving people a better perspective and control over their own care and well-being. The patient now has the freedom to choose innovative providers that are empowered to deliver the personal service yearned for by patients. Healthcare organizations are facing challenges in seizing new opportunities.

Social Commerce Ventures comes with the solution to bridge the gap between the healthcare organizations and patients looking for quality and personal healthcare services with a service platform connecting the conversations, devices, processes, services and patient data in a whole new, secure, way.

Communication Services

With technology blurring the lines between networks, devices and content; customers are increasingly expecting and asking for a more personalized experience. Social Commerce Ventures gives a service platform to customers, reps, agents and retailers a fast and easily accessible way to pass on information and connect with each other utilizing all the social network connections their customer base use on a daily basis.
Service in the communication industry is not just about bandwidth it’s all about personal connection. Social Commerce Ventures provide the platform where the business and customers interact with each other.

Retail Services

When every product or service can be bought online solutions have become abundant to grow this very important sales channel. Now, business has the ability to tie their online assets, with social networks, and in-store sales through the simple integration to the Social Commerce as a Service platform from Social Commerce Ventures.

With the help of Social Commerce Ventures retailers can leverage this advantage to build a stronger and loyal customer base. Our service platform enables the business to connect directly to customers and build an even stronger clientele across the social networking sites and customers can also benefit from various deals tailor made for them according to their spending.

For example, one of Social Commerce ventures clients is a CPG that sales soda products. The client started a program that rewarded the customer by buying their product. In essence, the initiative started with, “if you like our product, tell your friends”. The customer then just took a picture of the soda product and logged onto the sharing application. They shared a coupon with all their friends that gave them $1.00 of the soda at over 4,000 grocery locations. When the new customer went to the store, bought the soda, and used the coupon, the customer who shared it was “Rewarded and Recognized” for sharing and received instant rewards. The options are limitless as to what can be built on the platform created by Social Commerce Ventures.


The media industry is changing every day. Technology is redefining the way people watch and read news, read books, watch movies and their favorite shows. People not only want to watch their favorite shows, movies and videos but they also want everyone in their network to know what they watch and Like. People are rebranding themselves through sharing their likes and dislikes.

Success in this race can only be ensured by tapping social and mobile users and engage with them on a regular basis. The Social Commerce as a Service platform provides companies an opportunity to connect with their customers, engage them in their discussions, provide them quality entertainment tailor made for them, know their likes and sharing patterns and reach out to a wider network of people.


What makes government successful? A government that listens to its citizens, and on that is connected to its citizens. Good governance is ensured only when people’s voices are heard. When technology is changing everything around us, how can government operations be left untouched?

Social Commerce Ventures help to bridge the gap between citizens and their government. It provides a platform for people and government to exchange ideas, views, grievances and opinions. People get a voice and government is connected to people across the social networking strata in a better and more effective way. The end results would be an informed and aware citizen and a responsive, effective and efficient government.

Add the donation capability of the platform to any initiative and now launch the ability to raise funds for any local, state, or federal initiative that has now been “Super-Charged” with social sharing amongst all supporting constituents.


Social Commerce ventures provides the non-profits a common platform to collaborate and work. Our service platform is designed in a way to help charities to connect with the donor and vice versa and work together. From raising funds for a child to go to college or a favorite non-profit, social sharing is the cornerstone of any donation initiative. With the simple, out-of-the-box solution from Social Commerce Solutions, an initiative can be started that allows individuals to share their cause with all their connections and give their connections the ability to donate or donate and save.

For example, Social Commerce Ventures with numerous non-profits that have integrated their solutions with our platform. They simply notify all their supporters that they can now donate and donate & save. All they do is download the mobile app or sign-on via their online asset. Once engaged, their supporters can donate their desired amount. If they want to spend an additional amount of $7.95, they have access to over 500,000 coupons for merchants within the United States. If they share the effort with a friend or family member, they earn additional recognition and receive additional earnings in their account. "Giving has never been so fun!"