Increase the acquisition of new customers and retain your best customers through Social Sharing, Rewards and Recognition, and an integrated suite of services that allow you to distribute your product and solution utilizing now just your social networks, but those of all your customers.

With everything going on Mobile and Cloud, a huge change is sweeping across the industries as to the way products and services are presented and marketed to the customers. Social Commerce Ventures has developed the first of its kind, Social Commerce as a Service platform to address an untapped opportunity leveraging the social networking industry. Social Commerce Ventures has developed a platform for companies that make it simple to expand their existing social media initiatives exponentially, giving them the solutions they need to adapt quickly, transform their business and succeed.

Social Commerce as Service connects businesses with their customers in a whole new way. It makes their experience relevant, engaging and personal. You, the business know your industry and know your service and your customers, Social Commerce Ventures is helping you to reach beyond the known horizons and explore new avenues by unleashing the power of social media in the true sense.


The currency of social media is the simple act of Sharing. Gone are the days when businesses worked hard to market their products and services to their targeted clientele.

Now with the power of social media and Social Commerce Ventures it is times for businesses to make their customers their best sales force. Let your customers market your products and services. Ensure that when a customer connects with your brand, you capture all their social meta data and understand their likes, demographics and who their contacts are. More importantly, Social Commerce Ventures empowers you, the business, to turn this customer into your best sales person by giving them the ability to share your product, offer, anything, with their friends and family, using their own social networks. It’s no longer enough to have your own social page, utilize those of your customers to share your brand and sell your products.

Rewards & Recognition

When customers share your product and the person they share it with buys your product or supports your cause, you can now reward and/or recognize your customer for generating revenue for your business.

For example, Social Commerce Ventures has a client that sells cakes. The business has a website with all their cakes listed and a special 10% discount. If any of their customers share this businesses cakes and shares the offer with any of their friends and family, the person they share with gets the 10% discount and the sharing customer gets $5.00 automatically into their cake account while also being recognized with the title of "cake maker". All of this is automatically supported by the Social Commerce Ventures platform in an open API infrastructure.

Content Management

No longer is it acceptable for the product or solution a company has created to be distributed only through that companies online or brick and mortar properties. That product or solution will now be distributed across every social network of every customer that interacts with the companies brand and Social Commerce Ventures enables that through a simple to use set of API’s.

A simple API that allows for the integration of the business inventory management system or product catalog specific to their businesses and prepares the content for “Social Sharing”. The module fuels the entire eco system because this is the function that allows for the simple sharing of that, which is most valuable to our clients, their product. For example, Social Commerce Ventures supports a local newspaper and their product is their news articles. Social Commerce Ventures supports them by allowing all their subscribers to share various articles to their friends and family and then they are recognized for their efforts through online pendants. The newspaper benefits because in order to read the article that was shared, the potentially new subscriber needs to download the app or sign-on to the online website.

Marketing & Communications

Communicate with the customer through this powerful module. Social Commerce Ventures provides an out of the box targeted communication and marketing solution. More importantly, the platform supports one to many communications that will occur across every social network the customers utilize.

Management and integration made simple, if you already have a preferred communication management systems, Social Commerce Ventures provides a simple integration to popular communication platforms like Sitecore and Jive. However if the business wants to communicate within the Social Commerce ecosystem, Social Commerce Ventures provides simple and easy integration points.

Integrated Payments & Money Transfer

One of the most powerful functions of the platform from Social Commerce Ventures provides an easy integration with many of the popular companies from Braintree to Chase Paymentech. Take a payment from your existing customer or from a new customer, wherever they interact with your brand. From your online assets to your customer’s social network, being paid for your efforts is effortless.

If rewarding your customers with currency, at some point, you'll want to allow distribution of those funds to the customers own checking or savings accounts. Social Commerce Ventures supports simple money transfer, right out of the box in an industry leading security enabled, process. For example, Social Commerce Ventures works with a charity that has empowered all their supporters to share the need to donate this particular cause. Social Commerce Ventures supports the acceptance of credit card payments and then distribution to that charity, all the donations, for entry into their financial system. As well as any rewards that are provided to the top charity generation donors, are easily transferred into their own checking and savings accounts.