Horwood Group Case Study

Horwood Homewares Case Study

Horwood are kitchenware experts and owners of the Judge & Stellar brands, established since 1896. Their high-quality kitchen essentials and long-standing reputation in the homewares industry makes them a strong force in the Homewares sector.

"A smooth website integration project facilitates improved UX and increased ROI for Horwood Ltd.​."

Product, Inventory & Order Netsuite integration

Revenue up by 31.5%

45% increase in organic traffic

Individual brand websites


Established in 1896, Horwood Homewares is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of kitchenware products. They have three separate brands, each offering a diverse range of products. Stellar specialises in premium, high-quality kitchenware targeted at the home chef, while Judge offers a more affordable range marketed as “the perfect choice for your everyday cooking needs.” Lastly, there is Smidgethe newest addition to the Horwood portfolio. Smidge focuses on sustainable everyday products such as coffee cups, water bottles, and drinking straws.

For most of their existence, Horwood has focused their trade on the High Street market, but in recent times has sought to expand its reach within the B2C market.

Currently, the Stellar and Judge brands sit alongside Horwood’s website, while Smidge have a standalone web presence.

As the company’s first entry into the ecommerce sphere, their current platform was successful in two ways: 

  • Building a noteworthy digital presence and brand awareness with trade partners and consumers.
  • Bringing their B2C business up to scale

While this initial undertaking was effective, Horwood now needed to accelerate a website migration project. The purpose of this project was threefold:

One other important deliverable that would maximise efficiency and ROI for Horwood, was that it was vital that all three brands be hosted independently on their own domains while still being managed by the same platform.

This would present a challenge, but in the end proved fruitful for their staff, allowing them to navigate seamlessly from one brand to the other with minimal training required.


From the off, Horwood made clear that they needed a partner who would maintain regular contact every step of the way. As per their request, we provided regular updates and liaised on important issues as and when they arose. Luckily, at Williams Commerce, we believe in including our clients from start to finish. Through ongoing dialogue and feedback, we knew we would deliver on their core objectives. 

However, Horwood also had three obligatory requirements:

  • Expert knowledge of Adobe Commerce platforms.
  • Ability to deliver the project to completion within the scope of requirements.
  • Ongoing ecommerce training and support post-roll out.

Transformative growth through Oracle Netsuite

One of the main project cornerstones was delivering a streamlined integration plan from Adobe Commerce Cloud into Netsuite. This would allow for automated passing of data such as transaction histories, stock levels, customer info, and other pertinent information.

Besides this, Oracle Netsuite has offered multiple other solutions which have delivered on all three of their core objectives. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • A dynamic theme that integrates seamlessly with social media shopping, including an automated feed to manage and update products and stock levels.
  • The ability to schedule in-platform seasonal sales prices, e.g., Christmas and Easter sales.
  • Age verification via AgeCheck at checkout for restrictive items such as kitchen knives.
  • Dedicated landing pages with easily built templates for activities such as product launch focus and tiered bundles. 
  • Increased independence between device visual displays – mobile, desktop, tablet.


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